Dealer Contract

The Indiana Guitar Show & Music Gear Expo,  March 18-20, 2022

The Hendricks County Fairgrounds, 1900 E  Main St Danville IN 46122     

 Dealer Only day is the 18th; Load in is Saturday is 9:00-11:00 [Show at 11:00-6], & Sundays Show 11-4 

COMPANY NAME: ___________________________________________

CONTACT NAME: ___________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________

PHONE: ____________________ CELL: _________________

CITY: ______________________ STATE: ___ ZIP: ________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

NUMBER OF 8 Foot TABLES: __ Inside row __ outside along wall __

$200 for an 8 foot table with each subsequent tables at $150 per table.


___________________________________   __________________________________

__________________ ________________   __________________ ________________

[one table: 2 people allowed, two tables: 3 people allowed, Three or Four tables 4 people allowed, extras will be charged the $10.00 admission fee]

*SECURITY AND LIABILITY:* Exhibitors should insure their properties against loss or damage.

The Indiana Guitar Show, Minor Prophet Studio & The Hendricks County Fairgrounds will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury for any cause to the exhibitor, exhibitors employees or property. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Indiana Guitar Show, Minor Prophet Studio & The Event Host: The Hendricks County Fairgrounds for any liability arising from property damage or personal injury of The exhibitor agents. In other words: you are legally responsible for you, your entourage and your stuff at all times, including anywhere inside the exhibition facility or the adjoining parking areas.

*DISPLAY AREAS:* The Indiana Guitar Show reserves the right to modify display areas as necessary. Exhibitors shall limit the display to the space they have been assigned by the operators of the Indiana Guitar Show. To protect our dealers; no one will be allowed to “hawk” the front.

NO DEALS are to be done outside the four walls of The Indiana Guitar Show!

*CANCELLATION:* Should the exhibitor withdraw their participation in the Indiana Guitar Show, the deposit or full refund will be made if the notification is made either in writing or by telephone one week before the show. No refunds will be made after this date.

*OTHER CONDITIONS:* Anybody bringing any alcoholic beverages into the Indiana Guitar Show without the express written consent of the Event host may be subject to immediate removal from the show’s premises without any refund of dealer fees. These rules also apply to anyone violating the no parking lot sales rule. In addition, smoking is strictly prohibited. Please move your vehicle to available parking spaces after unloading your merchandise into your booth space. Vehicles blocking any entrance to the venue, or parked in loading areas, fire lanes or any designated “no parking” spots are subject to being towed.

SIGNATURE:_________________________ DATE:__________

*You must have a signed dealers contract to participate in The Indiana Guitar Show*

Please Return completed form and payment back to

The Indiana Guitar Show 7401 E 200 N Avon, IN 46123 317-272-5222